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Martin Armstrong

National Nuclear Laboratory

Technical Lead - Inspections

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Martin has over 35 years experience in the Nuclear Industry initially at Dounreay and then on the Sellafield site.

Martin is a Materials Scientist who has been providing a plant examination and inspection service for the Sellafield site since 1986, has been a senior plant assessor since 1990, and currently is the lead for the specialist development of remote inspection equipment. He is therefore very familiar with Sellafield plants, with materials properties and degradation mechanisms in a nuclear reprocessing environment, and how to deploy NDT techniques within his own bespoke inspection systems to difficult locations to evaluate plant condition and underpin asset care regimes.

Within his current role of lead for the specialist development of remote inspection equipment he is responsible for the development and application of novel methods to provide plant condition monitoring or finding solutions to plant problems to support their asset care programmes. This also involves maintaining technical innovation and quality within the inspection and assessment teams. His significant experience in this field and his knowledge of the benefits and limitations of a wide range of inspection techniques invariably results in the optimum choice of inspection equipment or development system and thereby minimizes time and cost implications whilst maintaining or improving safety.

His expertise and value to the industry is recognised and Martin has won the company-wide technical innovation award twice, once for Technical and other for Safety and Quality.

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