Nuclear Asset Information Monitoring and Maintenance

Nuclear Asset Information Monitoring and Maintenance

Leveraging People, Process and Technology to meet Organisational Goals

The Park Royal, Warrington United Kingdom | June 26/27th 2018


Nuclear Asset Information Monitoring and Maintenance


June 26th and 27th Warrington United Kingdom

Developing an integrated asset information strategy to support risk mitigation, enhance safety, drive efficiency and manage cost throughout the asset lifecycle. Managing innovation and transformation to meet organisational needs

In an increasingly competitive energy market, the nuclear sector is tasked with reducing asset life-cycle costs and improving operational efficiency against a backdrop of an ever more complex operational environment and stringent licensing and regulatory requirements. It is mission critical to maintain strict data integrity throughout the plant lifecycle and develop a clear view on critical asset documents and operational data to inform decision making.

With the availability of advanced asset health monitoring, on and offline operational data gathering, diagnostic and asset modelling methods and tools comes the opportunity to optimise assets throughout their lifecycle, increase operational availability and effectively manage failure and maintenance. With this comes added complexity, presenting new challenges in integration with existing infrastructure, data storage and application, training and knowledge transfer and change management.

The demand for longer plant life and the high rate of technological change compounds the need for the nuclear sector to understand fully where innovation is needed, how to implement that change and develop an asset information environment that meets organisational needs and is prepared for future operational environments.

On June 26/27th in Warrington United Kingdom, nuclear industry leaders will meet for the IoE Events Nuclear Asset Information, Monitoring and Maintenance conference to further develop the sector’s strategic ability to leverage the appropriate people, processes and technology to achieve organisational goals through an enterprise wide integrated asset information strategy.

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